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Empowering businesses with innovative mobile SaaS tools.

Founded in 2011, Ukall pioneers data collection and
supply chain solutions.

We are a globally distributed agile team operating 100% remotely.

Founded by Catherine Kiguru & Paul Rees, Ukall was born from a passion for leveraging technology to tackle real-world challenges.

Our journey began with the development of revolutionary SaaS apps aimed at simplifying data collection and supply chain management, setting the stage for transformative solutions in the industry.

Our mission is to empower businesses globally with cutting-edge mobile Software as a Service (SaaS) tools to navigate the complexities of modern operations with ease.

Product Innovation

At the core of our offerings are Akida and Uwanjani, our flagship apps revolutionizing data collection and supply chain operations, respectively.
Akida empowers users to capture, organize, and analyze critical data in real-time.
Uwanjani optimizes workflows and enhances visibility across global supply chains.

Impact and Reach

Ukall's solutions have empowered thousands of users worldwide, driving productivity, reducing costs, and unlocking growth opportunities. From small enterprises to large corporations, our tools have become indispensable assets, fueling success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

  • Hall of Fame award by Copernicus Masters for developing a deforestation alerts app in collaboration with the University of Leicester.
  • Top 10 mobile startups award by InfoDev, World Bank.
  • Top 5 emerging enterprises award by British Airways and Safaricom.
  • Top 10 of 200 technology ventures in 7 countries award by the Global Innovation through Science & Technology (GIST).
  • Business development grant and hands on skills by Microsoft.

  • Collaborations with Nouveau Technologies and New Image Technologies Nigeria to expand product growth in West Africa.
  • Partnership with Microsoft 4Afrika and Parpus to identify and grow talent.
  • Business development training by Ongoza to support business growth.

Navigate the complexities of modern operations with ease.